A Pink Office for Breast Cancer

Friday, 2nd December 2016

A Pink Office for Breast Cancer

On Friday 14th October, Measom HQ turned its employees pink for the day in support of Breast Cancer UK. In total Measom raised an incredible sum of over £1,500 for ‘Will You Go Pink’ which is something that is held annually at the Measom Head Quarters. This year it was especially important as half of the proceeds raised were donated to an employee’s relative. Who has unfortunately, been suffering from the terrible disease since 2015. Our donations are helping her fulfil her dream providing her three children with great memories of their mum.

Since 1972 breast cancer rates have soared in England with an increase of 102% of women now having been diagnosed with the disease. Breast Cancer accounts for 32% of cancer diagnosed in women today, as a result Breast Cancer UK are continually putting their efforts into raising money to help support research into the chemicals that cause breast cancer.

Measom decided to carry out a number of activities to help raise as much money as they possibly could. Everyone deposited a £2 entry fee to attend work in the pinkest clothes they could find. Other fund raising activities included a raffle, a bake off competition and a secret auction to win a number of amazing prices such as a Range Rover experince.


Although we raised more money than expected, there is never enough that can be donated to such causes. If you would like more information regarding donating to Breast Cancer UK to help protect future generations from this terrible disease click HERE.