Measom Dryline Completes Project at Worcestershire Oncology Centre

Monday, 20th October 2014

Measom Dryline Completes Project at Worcestershire Oncology Centre

The unit is an extension to the already existing Worcestershire Royal Hospital, and has been developed by Worcestershire’s local NHS with the purpose of providing cancer sufferers with a local treatment centre. Currently, patients are required to travel to Coventry, Cheltenham or Wolverhampton for treatment, and so the new development gives them the accessibility of treatment on their doorstep, cutting out the added pressures of travel.

Worth approximately £22million (full project value), the 35,000 sq ft building is being completed by Lend Lease and is due for completion in early 2015. The two storey building will house consultant and treatment rooms, and radiotherapy bunkers.

The radiotherapy bunker contains 3 linear accelerators (also known as linacs), which are machines that deliver radiotherapy treatment to patients by creating high energy radiation through electricity. These machines are effective for the treatment of cancer as they cause less damage to surrounding tissue, and there is a lower risk of complications when using this treatment. There are three linacs in the bunker, with the room for an additional two if required in the future. In this area, Measom Dryline completed partition linings, MF and lay-in grid ceilings. Elsewhere in the centre, we completed lead lining to the rooms which house the mobile CT simulators. This ensures the prevention of any one being affected by any radiation leaking from the room where the CT simulator is situated.

One of the main aesthetic features to this oncology centre is the atrium area. This large space spans over the entire two storeys, and almost the whole length of the building, and features large circular skylights in the ceilings to create a light and open area. Measom completed partition linings, Metsec SFS, MF and lay-in grid ceilings in the atrium. Rigitone sound absorption board in this space, creating a detailed effect whilst meeting the required acoustic performance criteria.

Within the inside of the building, Measom Dryline also skimmed the internal walls throughout the building, and to the external walls, Measom Dryline again completed Metsec Steel Frame Systems. One of the main features to the external of the building is the brightly coloured rendering completed by Measom. Partially covering the front of the building, Marmorit coloured render makes the centre stand out and gives a refreshing pop of colour, complimenting the colour theme of building.