The Measom name is synonymous with the high quality design and fixing of drywall systems. Ours is a reputation built on trust, and the ability to deliver our client’s projects whether its turnkey school facilities or installing the highest drywall in Europe at the iconic Shard.

Measom is further committed to the safe production of partition
systems that are of a standard laid down under all the appropriate
British Standards, with particular reference to BS 8212, BS8000 and BS 5234.
As a business we are committed to continually improving the quality of our performance and service. Our highly experienced project teams provide advice and guidance on procurement, programming, design and value engineering, and we operate a quality system that recognises the requirements of BS EN ISO 9000. All our activities are further underpinned by our in-house support team and we use specially designed project management support software to facilitate project progress reporting and key performance indicators.